DIY Hacked To Get You through Starvation And Deprivation In College

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DIY college hacks

College days are almost always equated to days of famine and starvation as well as periods of shortage and deprivation. These situations are not always dictated by economic scarcity, though most of the time this is the reason. For some college students other reasons include a tons of workload coupled with lack of time, too much partying and exams week is upon them, as well as general slothfulness that comes from too much ?mommy-pampering-time? back home resulting to unwashed truckloads of clothes, roomful of piled up dirty dishes, consistently recurring mess and trash all over the room.

It is in situations like these that Mr. Ingenuity and Ms. Creativity stand up and deliver DIY hacked. As someone once said, ?need is the mother of ingenuity? thus, stellar ideas to go around these issues and trivialities are concocted and easily sprout out of these students? head.

Who?ll get hungry if you have an electric kettle that double as a boiling pot? Particularly if you have an iron and hair dryer combo for heating pizza? You can also easily cut your pizza by using the lid of a tin can attached to a ruler or a stick. Want grilled food? No worries, a busted grocery cart can do the trick for you.

Busted furniture, home appliances and other things you used every day? No problem, there?s always an energy drink bottle which you can prick the bottom to substitute a shower head, an inverted stool covered with plastic for a trash can/bin; a dilapidated broken down sofa can be patched up by placing a chair inside the sofa.

You can use plastic containers as alternative music speaker and your hairbrush can double as a car rear view mirror. For emergency purposes, you can use a marker to blacken that part of your feet beneath that hole in your black socks.

The possibilities are endless. All we need is a college student brain bursting with energy plus several problems that need immediate attention and you?re off to the next party binge.

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