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DIY Furniture Makeover: Swapping Out Old Legs for a Fresh Look

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All homes and homeowners nowadays tend to give the interior of their houses a modern look. Some even combine modern and rustic themes for furniture to make their home stand out. We can still see homes today using wood as a material for almost all their furniture, but the question is why? Wood is the most common and affordable material in making furniture such as chairs, tables, cabinets, and many others. Wood gives a cozy and elegant feel to a living room. kitchen, or the dining area. 

Wood Furniture

One downside of wood furniture is that its legs start to give up for various reasons such as age or usage. Furniture legs will break and may cause your whole furniture to go down and be destroyed. For example, your dining table legs can break or snap anytime and spill everything that’s on top, creating havoc while your family is eating a nice dinner. Fortunately, furniture legs can be replaced and you won’t be needing a professional carpenter just to get the job done. 

Why Do You Need To Replace Your Furniture Legs


Wood furniture should be regularly checked for cracks or loose parts, especially the legs that support the whole furniture. Once a small crack appears, there’s always a possibility that the furniture could go down anytime. Replacing old furniture legs will make your furniture stable and last for years to come.

Updating the Style

Furniture trends and personal preferences change over time. Replacing old legs can be a cost-effective way to update the style of your furniture to better match your current decor or design preferences.

Aesthetic Reasons

If the furniture legs are an important part of the overall design and aesthetics of the piece, replacing old or mismatched legs can give the furniture a fresh and updated look. Different leg styles, materials, and finishes can drastically change the appearance of a piece of furniture.


If you want to customize your furniture to better suit your needs or space, changing the legs can be a simple way to do so. For example, you might want to convert a regular coffee table into a more comfortable dining or work table by changing the legs to a taller height.

Functionality and Safety

Most of the time, the existing legs may not provide the desired functionality. For example, if a table is too low or too high for comfortable use, replacing the legs with ones of a different height can make it more functional. Similarly, if the furniture wobbles due to uneven or damaged legs, replacing them can stabilize the piece. Furniture legs that are unstable or damaged can pose safety risks. Replacing them can help prevent accidents or injuries.

Where To Find Replacement Legs

Replacing old furniture legs could be as easy as 1,2,3. Even your most precious IKEA pieces can be transformed into a modern and stylish one. Pretty Pegs are one of the most ideal places to shop online for the best and stylish legs, knobs, handles, and accessories for your furniture, you may even find inspiration with their hacks, and recommendations, along with their gallery of beautiful home ideas. The internet is so useful nowadays that even DIY furniture repair parts can be ordered online with a click of a button and even delivered right to your doorstep. No need to go out and get yourself dizzy looking around aisle by aisle just to get the part you need. 

Remember, changing your old furniture legs is not just for style or decor, but also for safety. Extending the life of furniture is very economical and lets you save money on buying new furniture. We all know that furniture pieces today cost more than your budget can handle.

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