Diwali 2015 Highlights: How The World Celebrates The Festival Of Lights

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Why Do We Celebrate Diwali:

Diwali the festival of lights is celebrated on a large scale in India. From decorating the house to lighting traditional lamps to bursting crackers to gorging on yummy sweets, the festivities continue for three days starting from Dhanteras which marks the beginning of Diwali.

For all those who do not know about this festival, Diwali is one of the largest festivals celebrated in India as it marks the victory of the good over the evil.

Diwali Celebrations Abroad:

Well, not only is the festival celebrated in India but Indians abroad too celebrate the festival with their loved ones. In London, Diwali was celebrated for the first time at the 10, Downing Street, amid chanting of Vedic prayers for world peace, with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown terming it a historic event.
Indians from all walks of life in the UAE, also exchange gifts and joined festivities on the occasion of Diwali across the Gulf region even as Indian embassies remained closed and telecom companies offered reduced tariff for those wishing to call friends and relatives in India.
Some Hindu families and Singaporeans still stick closely to the rituals and traditions passed them from generation to generation.Customs common to Hindu families with South Indian origins include waking up early for the oil bath cleansing ritual, morning prayers, blessings given by the elders as well as the temple visits.

Other festive activities such as dressing in new clothes and gathering for meals with traditional food tend to be similar for families with North Indian and South Indian ancestry. Homes will also be filled with lit diya oil lamps or with candles for Deepavali, though the specifics of other rituals and decorative habits may differ.
It?s not just the older generation of Singaporean Hindus who would keep to these practices. Civil servant Bavani Surya Varnan is proud to follow the rituals that her parents and grandparents have kept to.

Indians Travel Abroad To Celebrate Diwali

According to a latest survey, Indians too have shown a keen interest in celebrating the festival abroad. Indians are expanding their horizons and now looking to celebrate this once perceived family-oriented festival overseas.
Europe remains the most searched outbound destination for Indians during Diwali while Goa continues to rule the domestic front.

Looks like this is one festival people across all countries love to celebrate.

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