The Division: Will The 26 Mission Count Suffice?

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The Division

The content of Tom Clancy?s The Division has been datamined and currently discussed on Reddit thread. As expected with a full release game, new weapons not present in the Beta has been found and a total of 26 missions have been confirmed in the thread. However, will these 26 new missions be enough players on The Division?s release?

As stated by Forbes and ruled out by the players of The Division Beta, missions only last for 20 to 30 minutes on the two difficulties of the hospital and subway construction site missions. The short story and gameplay was understandable for the game?s beta, but it likely won?t hold up on a full release game.

For seasoned loot farmers and level grinders, these twenty six missions will be a breeze and you?ll either find them running around town to find story collectibles or actively participating in the Dark Zone. However for the regular or casual player, it?ll be enough just to keep them warm for a month up until the Incursions patch arrives on April. Outside the April patch, Conflict patch will roll in May and the first DLC expansion, Underground will arrive in June.

It?s currently unknown how long each missions will be, especially the latter ones on a hard difficulty setting. The chance for satisfying long missions might still appear, however, long missions spanning more than an hour and a half will make The Division feel no different from a usual Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) due to repetition unless Ubisoft mixes up the gameplay per mission.

More than the missions, the game will have upcoming in-game and system events to reward the player for playing. While the game?s enjoyment will be relative and subjective, The Division will have to step up the content if they?re planning to compete with Bungie?s Destiny.

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