The Division Voice Chat IP Leak is Bad News for Your Privacy

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The Division Voice Chat

The Division has had troubles since its launch on March 8. At first, it had a few problems in-game, but now something serious has caught the attention of gamers. According to reports, Ubisoft?s game is not safe for players who are using or planning to use The Division voice chat, as anybody, even those with very little knowledge on networking, can see your public IP address. Unfortunately, Ubisoft has left the feature open for exploit as the voice chat displays your public IP address to everyone.

As reported on a Reddit thread, The Division?s voice chat feature uses UDP and port 33500 to send voice messages directly. Anyone with certain freeware can easily access the player?s IP address.

The user also shared a photograph of a revealed IP address. However, the screenshot features an option that allows players to Disable VOIP. If voice chat is disabled, the player?s IP address is hidden from the public.

It?s interesting to know why Ubisoft allowed The Division voice chat feature to display the player?s IP address to the public given that it is unsafe. If someone with malicious intent knows your public IP address, he or she can send you packets and information using your IP address which can result in an IP block. Those familiar with DDOS attacks may understand how dangerous it is because an IP block can prohibit your access to the system you are using.

Because of this, for those streaming The Division game, disabling the voice chat entirely is recommended at the moment. The Division voice chat IP leak issue is a major concern because it is possible that people with networking knowledge might build DDOS tools to hack the players, and they can even kick out the others from the game with just a push of a button.

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