The Division: Useful Glitches That Will Help You Survive

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A YouTube Video recently compiled some possible glitches in The Division that could use some mythbusting. Some were disproved, while a few were proven operational for players to use. Here?s the video of the glitches from DefendTheHouse.

Enter Elevators To Stop Enemy Fire

A useful glitch is to enter elevators to protect you from enemy fire as your opponents will stop shooting, giving you free time to reload, heal up, use an ability, or throw a grenade. This is handy for solo players as they can exploit the elevator invulnerability to avoid being incapacitated against crowds of enemies. Incapacitation for solo players leads to a checkpoint restart. However, this glitch may only apply to operational elevators that bring players from one area to another. Make sure to keep this glitch up your sleeve if you?ve exhausted your resources and options in the fight.

Attach Smart Cover To Ballistic Shields

Another working glitch is the Smart Cover?s ability to attach to Ballistic Shields. This makes shielded players walk around with a supportive aura while their shield is up. It even works if the player?s allies switch covers; the shield follows in their next position.

It?s unknown if you can annoy shielded rogues by shooting their shield with Smart Cover to avail your teammates some advantage when near them. Alternatively, it might buff them, so test it out with trusted friends first.

Double Revive Glitch

The video also covers the Double Revive glitch which allows players to be instantly revived once they?re incapacitated. DefendTheHouse explained how to perform the glitch in another video. This is perfect for increasing survivability for teams and is a possible extra helping hand for new The Division players in the Dark Zone.

Meanwhile, other possible glitches were disproved are Marksmen Rifles failing to penetrate targets, and no damage-over-time against foes who are lured in contaminated areas. It might be best to not rely on these glitches as Ubisoft can fix them anytime soon. On the other hand, it?ll be helpful to know these glitches when you?re in a bind, but make sure to use them moderately.

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