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The Division Update: PTS Patch Notes Leaked

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The Division

Ubisoft will make or break The Division with its next update. That is why fans were relieved to find out that Ubisoft opened up a PTS or a Public Test Server to further isolate any issue within an update. The server launched last Thursday, but not all players get to see the changes possibly coming in a The Division update.

A few Redditors have worked together to unearth the patch notes from the current PTS. There are apparently lots of tweaks and rebalances coming to The Division update. However, that?s all subject to change depending on the feedback from those inside the PTS.

Weapon And Gear Rebalances

The upcoming update will focus greatly on weapon and Gear stats. The changes include buffs to Light Machine Guns and many more. However, those who frequently use Sub Machine Guns might not find the update too favorable as the weapon type has been significantly nerfed.

Gears and Gear Sets are also not safe from their fair share of changes. Among the equipment rebalances, players will also feel a few changes to some Talents. An example of one significant change is the increase of the Forceful Talent?s armor bonus to 15 percent. Overall, players can expect a lot of new stat changes when The Division update exits the PTS and it enters the game officially.

Other Changes

When it comes to changes concerning anything else aside from equipment, Ubisoft is looking to further make the experience better in The Division. In the Dark Zone, the minimum required DZ rank for items sold by DZ vendors will be reduced from 80 to 90. There are many more changes coming to the game, but the current patch notes might change after the PTS treatment.

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