The Division Update: Free Map Expansion This May 2016 With Incursion Mode?

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In the Season Pass video from Ubisoft, it was announced that players will have an Incursion mission in Columbus Circle in the Conflict update in May. According to Open World Games, the Columbus Circle is just near Central Park which is rumored to be included in the free May?update. What will we actually see on the free updates of The Division?

In the video, Open World Games was able to determine that Columbus Circle is near the northern edge of the current The Division map. It?s currently unknown what The Division agents will need to do in Columbus Circle, but it?s hard to ignore Central Park due to its size and prominence. Ubisoft did make a rundown using the Season Pass video, but it?s vague, so it?s wholly open to speculations.

In Ubisoft?s The Division Year One and Season Pass video, a change in the Dark Zone in the Conflict update this coming May was mentioned. It might be possible that Central Park will be used as a Dark Zone in the coming The Division update.

As mentioned by Open World Games, Central Park in The Division is used a graveyard for the victims claimed by the virus. Lorewise, an area with such huge size shouldn?t just be intended for burying bodies, and it?s possible that it is the first Military base in New York. The base could have been set up there during the primary efforts to contain and stop the crisis.

If Central Park will be included in The Division update, it will be a drastic change from the usual street-level shootouts as it will be filled with snow and trees. The map might emphasize on stealthy use of covers or more of the usual ?hiding behind the ruins of initial containment efforts?.

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