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The Division Update Coming Next Week; State Of The Game Weekly Announcement Introduced

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Fans were recently caught off guard by Ubisoft?s server maintenance that brought with it a couple of changes to the game including a nerfed high-end gear drop rate and changes to the Dark Zone. Luckily for players, they?ll be given a heads-up on The Division updates and news through weekly announcements.

In a post on the official website of The Division, Ubisoft noted that an update will be coming next week, and it?s going to bring several changes. It added that it will be updating fans weekly through posts on the website called ?State of the Game.?

?So what is the State of the Game? Every week we will release an article that will talk about the heart of the game straight from the development and community teams. Be sure to check in every week for an update!? Ubisoft explained.

As for The Division update, Ubisoft teases that one will be coming next week despite the fact that the game was just recently launched. The developer did not detail exactly when the update will arrive, but fans should expect it soon. Ubisoft added that more information about the update will be revealed soon, so fans should check the website from time to time.

It?s likely that Ubisoft is working on fixes for The Division?s Dark Zone. The area which is supposedly one of the main features of the game is currently flawed. The risk of being a rogue agent is way too high, and the rewards aren?t that great. If the player does go rogue and he gets killed, a lot more will be lost. As such, the number of rogue agents isn?t that high, and the system seems rather obsolete for now. Ubisoft could do several more tweaks and include it in The Division update to encourage more PVP action with the rogue system.

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