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The Division Update Changes: Lessened High-End Gear Drop Rates? Massive Promises Dark Zone Improvements Soon

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One of the new features that The Division has introduced in gaming is the Dark Zone and the rogue system. Both are good additions to the game, but they are still lacking when it comes to how much the players enjoy them. These two, along with high-end gear, make up The Division?s endgame content. With the recent server maintenance concluded, it seems that the developer has made a few changes to both aspects of the game with The Division update.

Some players have been experiencing lower drop rates since the recent server maintenance, Gameranx reports. Before the maintenance, players were able to pick up high-end gear from daily quests and named bosses in the Dark Zone. But now, even if players have been grinding for hours and hours, they only see at least one or two high-end drops. Even with the Scavenger perk, the good drops seem to be at a significantly low rate.

Basically, players who were not yet able to get endgame gear before the maintenance will now have harder time doing so. Both Ubisoft and Massive didn?t confirm the change in The Division update, but if it?s true, then they may have done it to prolong the game’s playability.

There are also a few tweaks made to the game?s rogue system. According to Shack News, there might be an increase in rogue agents as the penalty for dying as one has been significantly reduced. This will surely ignite more PVP action as players are now more likely to kill others for more loot with less risk.

In addition to The Division update, there are rumors that the maintenance time will be reduced starting next week. Server down times will begin at the same time but will end quicker. Watch out for more news on The Division here on TheBitBag.

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