The Division Update 1.7 Encourages Using Multiple Characters

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The Division
Source: Tom Clancy’s The Division – Launch Trailer [US] video

Fans discovered that The Division update 1.7 has a new system that benefits players using multiple characters. The Division accounts now share inventory storage and resources throughout all of its characters. An account-wide sharing feature will definitely benefit veterans and returning players to the title.

According to I__Am__Dave’s thread on the The Division subreddit, the players have discovered that the new Update 1.7 adds the account-wide inventory sharing feature. Players can now share materials, target intel, directive intel, in-game money, Dark Zone (DZ) currency, DZ keys and lockpicks on all their characters. This update wasn’t mentioned anywhere on the official The Division update 1.7 patch notes.

With shared inventory, players who have multiple characters will now have an advantage. Veteran players who’ve played multiple characters can now stack more loot, materials and resources for future use. The material caps have also been increased to 999 while the intel caps have been increased to 99 along with the new account inventory sharing update.

With the stacked resources, players that still have some extra space in their character slots could make a new character with optimal gear. Crafting the best gear for your new, low-level character will be a breeze as long as they progress enough until they reach the Crafting area. More than personal use, inviting newer players to try out the game will be easier as they can play along with them using a new character.

Meanwhile, returning players also have a chance to start over again using the resources of their previous character. The Division has changed its overall gameplay through its stat tweaks and new additions. It’ll be best to try out the experience with a new character to not get overwhelmed with the changes. Chances are, your equipment with your old character may not be viable with the current gear score cap and stat meta anymore. Stay updated with more The Division news here on The BitBag.

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