The Division Update 1.10: PS4 Patch Brings Survival DLC! PS4 Pro Patch Only Brings 4K UI

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The Division Year Two

PlayStation 4 players of Ubisoft?s The Division now have access to the Survival DLC content coming in with a new patch. Aside from the anticipated Survival game mode expansion, The Division update 1.10 also brings a few more changes to the shooter MMORPG. Here?s everything patch 1.10 brought to The Division. There are a few additions in the 2.6 GB patch, so it?s best to try out immediately, especially if you have a PS4 Pro.?

Survival mode in the PlayStation 4 version of The Division is similar to the one found in the Xbox One and PC versions. In the mode, The Division agents will be put to the test with revamped mechanics and harder gameplay. Players will not only have to battle the vicious AI around Manhattan; they?ll have to battle the elements as well.

The Division update 1.10 brings all the exciting features of Survival mode to the game. Players will need to find shelter, fire and clothes to resists the cold. They?ll also need to be on the lookout for food and other necessities to keep their health up. All of these features can be enjoyed with up to 23 others.

PS4 Pro Support And Other Patch Inclusions

The Division update 1.10 also brings in a fix for the CE-34878-0 Error. ?The annoying patch issues prevent players from getting in The Division. The reason for the bug is apparently caused by a corruption in the data or system. Luckily, the error will be seen less once the update has been downloaded.

Redditor Ettolrach2015 reports that the update also brings in support for the PlayStation 4 Pro. The game will be able to render the UI at 4K and the game will play at a smooth 1080p. There will also be enhancements in the graphics and there will be better shadows and reflections.

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