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The Division Underground DLC: How To Start The Mission

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The Division Underground DLC

Ubisoft recently revealed new details about The Division Underground DLC pack, but after many got their hands on the first expansion, many fans reported several issues. Fans say that they were unable to find the Underground DLC post-purchase. Ubisoft acknowledged the issues and said that it has resolved the problems. Players are required to restart the game. Those who don?t know how to start the mission will need to try a few things.

PC, Xbox One and PS4 players will need to complete the side mission Secure Quarantine Centre, which can be found on the map. Those who see the Underground DLC as offline will need to complete this mission.

Once players are logged in, The Division Season Pass holders will see a notification suggesting that they need to finish a mission that involves Treatment Centre. Once you complete the mission, restarting Uplay will get the content online. The mission will be available on the players? map, and players will need to visit the Tenderloin District.

Ubisoft is also working on several other issues including the Delta errors, and the company assured fans on Twitter that the problems will be sorted out soon.

Meanwhile, Season Pass holders can also unlock the DLC from the in-game store. All you need to do is click the purchase option and the game will automatically detect your access and unlock the Underground DLC for you.

The Division Underground DLC is the first paid content pack for Ubisoft?s game. Once you get the DLC unlocked on your platform, the DLC pack will add new missions, weapons and stories. The DLC pack also adds new weapons to the game which can be used in the randomly subway tunnel beneath the city. The missions generated in The Division Underground DLC are reportedly challenging and fun.

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