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The Division Underground DLC On PS4 Not Working? Here’s How To Play The Expansion

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The Division Underground DLC

Many players reported that the recently released The Division Underground DLC on PS4 is not working. Ubisoft confirmed the arrival of the expansion pack for all regions, and players are required to complete the Secure Quarantine Center side mission to get access to the Underground DLC content. Even after trying these requirements, some PS4 players were still unable to get the DLC to work. Here?s how you can play the expansion.

Players have tried many things to make The Division Underground DLC work on PS4, but most of the solutions failed for many users. Some players have successfully managed to access the expansion pack by restoring their license. According to a Reddit user, to restore your license in PS4, you will need to go to the Settings option and select the PSN Network/Account Management. There you?ll find the option to restore the license.

Some PS4 players have also tried hard resetting their devices, and the DLC pack worked on PS4 after multiple restarts. According to a player who talked to the Ubisoft support desk, the company admitted that there?s a widespread issue with the DLC for PS4, as many people are reporting the problem. However, Ubisoft managed to provide a solution that worked for the player.

The solution is again about restoring the license. This time, the player was asked to restore the license from the area where the game asks for the DLC. After visiting the area where The Division Underground DLC should be unlocked, the player followed the advice and the DLC was activated for him. The solution is provided by Ubisoft itself, so there are chances that it might work for many PS4 players.

In a tweet, Ubisoft also suggested for fans to contact the support team if they are having difficulties with the new expansion pack. Before trying any method, it is important for players to complete the first side mission first.

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