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The Division Underground DLC Leak Shows Expandable Universe

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Gamers, we are blessed with a The Division Underground DLC leak. In a report by Movie News Guide, Ubisoft is planning to enrich gaming experience on The Division Underground. These big plans coincide with the direction that Ubisoft Massive plans will take–creating an expandable The Division universe with fans as per Express.

It has been leaked that there will be a new Incursion that will be called Dragon?s Nest. Also, a new zone will enter the arena plus previously unexplored Dark Zone districts will also be featured. The leak came about when players were data mining the upcoming contents of The Division Underground expansion. This has been reported by DivisionFieldGuide.com, an unofficial publication created by a community of The Division enthusiasts.

As pointed out by the article, the ?data mining? by players exploited the common developer logic to enable future components within the original or earlier versions of the game. Players have found that there were code names for new features and that Ubisoft Massive had already created placeholders for these feature contents.

Here?s the still murky details.

The first paid DLC is likely to contain a new Incursion called Dragon?s Nest. It is assumed that players will likely be required to have a gear score of 240. This implies that there would be an increase in level cap as the current max score is currently at 228.

In addition, the Dark Zones were found to have code names–from DZ-07 through DZ-011. The placeholders look to be real names of Massive employees like DZ-07 Barnaby and DZ-11 Euan. This just means that there will be more explorable areas of the game map.

Also, there is a new zone that has been deemed as the ?Gym Kill List.? This could be just another placeholder or Ubisoft Massive could just run with the name. This will be part of the expansion as well as addition PvE events. This coincides with the report by a reddit user named CodeDux who posted a series of images when he ?glitched? out of bounds. He allegedly found future Dark Zones and a safe house. This was reported last March.

According to this report by Movie News Guide, the first paid expansion pack, The Division Underground, will have an exact launch date on June 28. It will have a 30-day exclusivity on Xbox One. PS4 and PC gamers can avail of it later.

In addition, last June 11, Ubisoft announced that cheaters in The Division will be banned for life–the first time they cheat. This was quite a big announcement that is to the liking of many ?clean? players out there.

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