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The Division: Ubisoft Nerfs Trained Talent, Balances XP Gain following Server Reset

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The Division has seen some improvements following a quick server reset. Yesterday, at around 11 AM CET, Ubisoft took the servers offline for about fifteen minutes to implement a few small changes aimed at improving the PvP experience within the Dark Zone and smoothing out experience gain and drop rates.

The Division Server Reset Details

The big change was the removal of the ?Trained Talent? ability. The talent increased a player?s signature skill gain every time a critical hit is inflicted on an enemy. When paired with a powerful high-fire rate weapon like the deadly Midas SMG, it allowed players to quickly reset the cooldowns on their signature skill. This Youtube video illustrates the problem perfectly.

Prior to the hotfix, Trained Talent was already gaining some negative feedback from the community. A user on the Ubisoft forums by by the name of Dancken explains the problems the skill was causing:

?Not only does this break any Dark Zone PVP, as a team using this Weapon Talent will destroy anyone opposing them, it also trivializes Challenge Missions, which are meant to be a very cool endgame challenge. There are no other known Weapon Talents, that even come close to this power level and using any weapon that does not have this weapon talent, becomes out of the question.”

Ubisoft?s patch notes regarding the removal are as follows:

  • ???????Disabled ?Trained Talent? as it could give an unfair advantage in end-game content and in the Dark Zone. Note: this Talent will still be visible on weapons but will have no effect until a further update where it will be replaced on existing weapons.

Good work by Ubisoft to deal with this quickly.

The notes weren?t as clear on how the experience gains were changed, simply stating that a ?general balancing? was done.

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