The Division: Ubisoft Lies Again With Another Graphics Downgrade?

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The Division continues to get a mixed reception from fans and critics alike. The multiplayer shooter was already getting criticism for its limited character customization, now the game has gotten some heat for false promises.

Ubisoft has originally promised that the PS4 and Xbox One version of The Division would give players the option to change the lighting settings of the game. Depending on how it would be adjusted, the framerate of the console versions would get better, which sounded ideal for those with a current-gen platform.

Sadly that isn?t the case, as Video Gamer has confirmed that the console version of the Ubisoft shooter doesn?t have any options to adjust the game?s lighting. This has disappointed a number of gamers, since the developers promised that the option would be available.

One could argue that the company could add this at a later update. If that?s the case, then Ubisoft should have said so before releasing the game. Now console gamers feel like they?ve been lied to, which isn?t a great feeling.

Admittedly, this can be seen as a minor complaint. Gaming Bolt has stated that the game runs just fine on the PS4 and Xbox One, though it does occasionally suffer from texture loading problems. Had Ubisoft not promised the option to adjust the game?s lighting, there probably wouldn?t be as much complaints about the console version.

Time will tell if Ubisoft eventually releases the option in an update for the console version of the game. As of this writing, no announcement has been made, though the game did just come out for all platforms, so updates will probably take a while.

Currently, fans can purchase The Division for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The title is the newest Tom Clancy IP from Ubisoft, since previous releases always had Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon in the title.

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