The Division Tricks To Farm Phoenix Credits

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Once players hit level 30 in Tom Clancy?s The Division, Credits and Dark Zone Credits slowly become obsolete as players will begin to have access to Phoenix Credits at endgame. This valuable currency can be used to get some of the best gear and equipment in the game, but the Phoenix Credits themselves are difficult to get. As with the other currencies, there are a few tricks to get Phoenix Credits, but be warned, it?s not an easy method as well as it requires you to farm a really powerful enemy, so proceed with caution and the best equipment.

To do this, players will need to get to a Safe House named Autumn?s Hope, Kotaku reports. The Safe House is just outside the Dark Zone and is northwest of the map. Once inside the Safe House, leave and take a right at the exit. Then take a left on the street that is visible. Just outside Autumn?s Hope is a group of enemies.

One of the enemies in The Division will be a named boss called the Bullet King. This guy is a named boss, so expect a hard battle. What makes the battle even harder is that players will have to avoid killing the other enemies so that Bullet King will respawn again and again.

Successfully killing Bullet King will bag players with some good gear that are purple and, on some occasions, high-end. Of course, a good amount of Phoenix Credits will be available as well.

To make Bullet King respawn, either die or head back to the Autumn?s Hope Safe House then return to the area, and the enemy will be there. It requires some effort to kill Bullet King, but since his spawn point is near the Safe House, the job gets a lot easier. For a more detailed look of this The Division trick, watch this video below.

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