The Division Tips: Test Your Abilities In The Base Of Operations Shooting Range

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The Division Tips

Tom Clancy?s The Division has a training room that?s unlockable via upgrading the Security Wing in your Base of Operations. As expected, it works like a testing ground for damage output of your weapons and skills. Here?s a video by Open World Games for a basic rundown of the Shooting Range.

The Shooting Range provides you targets to test out your new gear especially decontaminated Dark Zone guns or warm up with your controls with targets to shoot for ensuring. The aiming and cover system of The Division is great by itself so it?s a matter of personal competence towards the game?s controls and systems to be successful in this game.

As for the extent of bonuses gained in training, legitimately training to shoot in the Shooting Range may only be limited to personal skill improvement such as getting used to gun recoil or practicing steady aiming after moving. What it?s great for is helping you know how different the damage output is in actuality. You can also test all your skills such as Smart Cover to know exactly how much it increases your damage output.

To unlock the Shooting Range, players must first complete the Lincoln Tunnel mission. Plotwise, you need Captain Roy Benitez to run the Security Wing and this is the mission where you help him return back to the Base of Operations. Once you?ve got access to the Security Wing of the game, you can buy the Shooting Range upgrade for 200 Security Wing supplies. It?s one of the cheapest upgrades of the Security Wing along with the Canine Unit, Guard Posts, and Procurement Team.

Additionally, availing the Shooting Range will allow the player to have access to the ?Desperate Times? and ?Stopping Power? Talents. Desperate Times allows the player to have better hip fire from cover when at low health, perfect for keeping up the pressure even when nearing incapacitation. Meanwhile, Stopping Power increases Headshot damage to supressed enemies which benefits opportunist Marksman Rifle shots and extra firepower for the general Damage-Per-Second builds. Overall, the Shooting Range is great and it?s just generally better to upgrade the Base of Operations to max instead of carefully allocating your supplies.

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