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The Division Tips: Should You Reach Level 30 Quickly?

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Reaching the level 30 cap in The Division isn?t that hard. In fact, players can easily reach level 30 in a matter of hours, especially if they?re in a group. Once the level cap has been reached, the game changes to cater to the player?s high level. So with all the changes happening, is it really recommended to get to level 30 as quickly as possible?

When the level cap has been reached, the only way to become stronger is by getting the best gear in the game and increasing your Gear Score. As most players know, the best gear can be acquired inside the dreaded Dark Zone, but they can also be purchased from special vendors that take Phoenix Credits as currency. As the level gets higher, Credits become obsolete as Phoenix Credits serve as the end-game currency. Simply put, if you reach level 30, be ready to farm a lot of Phoenix Credits, which can mostly be acquired from completing Challenging Difficulty missions.

If players don?t want to farm Phoenix Credits, they could opt to farm the best gear from the Dark Zone. The premium area is expected to have become more dangerous now that Massive has secretly nerfed it to reduce the reward lost from becoming rogue.

On the good side, there will be more missions available once the players reach level 30 in The Division. Aside from the Challenging Difficulty, players will also be given access to Incursions. Incursions are group-based missions that reward players with unique gear sets upon completion.

In conclusion, getting to level 30 in The Division opens up an array of new content to the player. However, the sudden difficulty spike could prove to be a problem to some. Unless players ready to go on Dark Zone and Challenging Difficulty runs, they should avoid getting to level 30 too quickly.

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