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The Division Tips: Get Dark Zone Credits Fast

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Aside from Credits and Phoenix Credits, The Division agents can also collect Dark Zone credits for neat equipment they could buy from select vendors. Getting these credits is no walk in the park. The Dark Zone Credits can get players some valuable equipment, and here are a few tips on how agents can get these uncommon credits.

Where to Begin

For starters, it’s highly recommended to get to high levels and high-grade equipment first as Dark Zone Credits can be acquired only from the infamous Dark Zone. The Dark Zone is filled with strong NPCs as well as some rogue players, so going through it puts the player at risk. Even with a group, the Dark Zone is still dangerous. Before venturing out into this area, do a lot of side quests and activities first to get a lot of exp and neat weapons.

Dark Zone Enemies

In The Division, the enemies in The Dark Zone are the best sources of Dark Zone credits. But as said before, they are a lot stronger than standard enemies. They’re formidable in small numbers and they are lethal in huge groups. Before taking on a group, make sure to survey the area first before initiating. Remember that the key to winning is striking first. If you’re alone, look for low-level NPCs first and try to avoid uniquely named NPCs as they pack a mean punch.

Dark Zone Keys and Chests

Once strong enough, players can start taking out high-level NPCs. These high-level NPCs not only drop amazing loot and Dark Zone Credits; they also drop Dark Zone keys. These valuable keys are used to open Dark Zone chests that contain awesome gear as well as a ton of Dark Zone Credits.

It’s best to be prepared when entering the Dark Zone in The Division. If possible, go with a party of your trusted pals to avoid someone going rogue. Being in a party will also allow players to easily take out high-level enemies and even unique ones. Remember that dying inside the Dark Zone will make you drop a large amount of Dark Zone Credits, so having an ally to revive you is surely a big help.

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