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The Division: Things You Need To Know Before Buying

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The Division

It?s been so long since Ubisoft has unveiled some brilliant online RPG. Nobody was expecting that Tom Clancy?s The Division will take years to hit the consoles, but after The Division beta sessions, people are eagerly waiting for March 8 when The Division game launches. So here?s what you should know before buying The Division game.


Stunning Graphics:

Tom Clancy?s The Division features brilliant graphics quality in the game. Although Ubisoft has not delivered exact graphics which it has shown in the E3 trailer, but The Division will not disappoint you in terms of visuals and detailed graphics. Weather conditions, snow, animals, devastated streets and your presence affecting these game settings are designed beautifully.

Optimized Performance:

The Division runs flawlessly on ultra and medium settings. The graphics are really good and the game runs at 1080p and an almost 30 frames per second.

Better UI and Customization Options:

The UI is perfectly designed but many PC players may find it hard when it comes to taking cover. In many action RPGs players get a separate duck key, but in The Division, the locking mechanism automatically locks the players into cover. It can turn out to be a good change for those who do not want to deal with a duck key.

Gameplay Quality:

The Division features really impressive storyline and missions. The quality is undoubtedly perfect but the main concern is how far the story can take the player.

The Dark Zone:

A perfect addition by Ubisoft that lets players join the fellow gamers on server where they can team up and get involved in the action.


Game Content:

Once the player completes the story, there is not much to do. There are no additional side missions or DLC packs for The Division which you can buy after completing the story. Undoubtedly everybody wants a stream of content that adds new missions and objectives. But Ubisoft has not revealed much about what they are planning to add in The Division in future.

Hard Time as a Rough:

In The Division, when a player kills a passive player and becomes a rough, it is really hard to survive. As the rough kills some more players and the rough level rises up, coming out of being rough becomes really hard. The major problem here is that all the players can see the rough map. If Ubisoft tweaks the Rough mechanics, it would add more fun to The Division.

Tom Clancy?s The Division is releasing for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. It is better to check the official website of the game to ensure you are buying with all the purchase details.

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