The Division Survival DLC PS4: Release Date And Details You Should Know

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The Division Survival DLC

Ubisoft has announced Tom Clancy?s The Division Survival DLC PS4 release and gameplay details with a new launch trailer. The Division update 1.5 will go live on PS4 on December 20. It will go live on PC and Xbox One on November 22. The company has shared patch notes for the second expansion, Survival DLC, on its official blog. Here are the details you should know about the upcoming update in Ubisoft?s third-person shooter.

The Division Survival DLC PS4

The expansion features a challenging environment where cold, sickness and hunger will test your survival skills, and you?ll be facing snowstorm and enemies with your damaged weapons and equipment. The aim is to survive and extract in the Dark Zone with supplies you find on the way.

Ubisoft in its official notes describes The Division Survival DLC pack as ?a game mode offering a more hardcore experience with survival mechanics and permanent death.? Survival mode can be joined by up to 24 players and features a redesigned map of Manhattan. A game can last up to two hours, as the game mode will be based on session duration.

The Division Update 1.5

Ubisoft is making some gameplay changes with the upcoming updates. In its official notes, the company suggests that it has added World Tier 5 bracket (224+ GS), so now the maximum gear score is raised to 256, and heroic incursions will only be available in Tier 5.

Ubisoft has also implemented more named gear items. With The Division Survival DLC PS4 release, named gear items can be acquired in the Survival mode or World Tier 5. According to Ubisoft, players can expect The Division Survival DLC PS4 release on the said date. Update 1.5 on PS4 will become available “slightly later”?than November 22.?

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