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The Division Survival DLC: Major Gameplay Changes Before Expansion Releases?

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The Division Survival DLC

The Division Survival DLC launch is expected to happen soon, but it seems that before releasing this expansion pack, Ubisoft will make some major gameplay changes. Community developer Hamish Bode told players that the team is not happy as the game is frustrating players. He assured fans that changes will take place and they will resolve these problems with ?Big fixes.?

Regarding the changes, Hamish Bode assures fans that they will make some fixes in the gameplay aspect. While addressing fans in a live session named ?State of The Game,? Bode told fans that PvP battles need to be balanced, as this part of the game is causing a lot of problems. According to the community developer, scaling is one of the biggest issues that need to be fixed.

Everyone is expecting The Division Survival DLC details from Ubisoft booth at Gamescom 2016. The company may announce the specific launch date for the expansion, but it seems that the developers will focus first on ensuring that the base game is enjoyable to play.

Recently, Ubisoft launched the Underground DLC and it again lead players into trouble. Some players on PS4 could not even managed to find the way to play the new content even after the solutions provided by the company. However, the developer addressed the issues, but such incidents have been common since the game?s launch.

The gameplay issues have already harmed the game?s position a lot and it is unlikely that Ubisoft would try to sell The Division Survival DLC pack without addressing the problems. During the live chat session, fans shared their problems and they also requested some new features, weapons, more space for PvP battles and an improved gunplay.

Ubisoft admitted almost all the problems suggested by fans, saying that the developers understand and realize the challenges and problems fans are dealing with. The big fixes from the company will arrive for sure. Bode told fans that these type of sessions will take place frequently throughout the course of the year.

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