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The Division Survival DLC Coming this September; Will it Improve the Game?

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The Division Survival DLC

Tom Clancy?s ?The Division? made the most interesting entrance in the world of videogames last March. Its highly anticipated gameplay, attractive cover and the news surrounding ?The Division? all added to the hype about the videogame. However, shortly after it was released, certain problems about ?The Division? started to emerge.

Even the arrival of the Underground DLC did not immediately improve the quality of the game. Players complained about The Division?s lack of storyline and the boring missions that were included in the play. Aside from the Incursion, most of the missions in the Underground DLC were pointless and have nothing to do with how you will play the next mission.

?The Division? has a repetitive routine, something that players did not appreciate about the game. In few weeks time, the Survival DLC of ?The Division? will arrive and fans couldn?t be more excited to see if it?s going to deliver some changes in the game. The Division Survival DLC will challenge players to survive the weather in ?The Division? game. The first episodic release of the Survival DLC will primarily feature the winter weather in Manhattan wherein, players will need to hunt down their resources in the nagging, cold, chilly weather.

The next ?The Division? DLC is said to be entitled ?Last Stand? but that will not arrive until the end of the year. Regardless of how The Division is trying to ?survive?, the added implication of their weekly updates have caused so much annoyance to players. Will ?The Division? Survival DLC improve the game?s standing with players? What is Ubisoft doing to stop the negative reviews?


Hamish Bode, Tom Clancy’s “The Division” community developer, recently admitted that indeed, the game is facing some technical issues and he totally understand why players are getting frustrated. Despite the admission, he also said that because ?The Division? is currently facing big issues, it will not be easy for the development team to fix them all together; and that?s why they came up with the incremental updates for the game.

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