The Division Servers Unavailable?

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The Division Servers

Recently, uPlay servers are experiencing difficulties in The Division during its starting hours of launch. The Division Reddit have voiced out their frustrations on forums in light of the downed servers. Apparently all platforms for The Division have experienced this problem. As an ?Online only? game, will this affect the Day 1 Reviews of Tom Clancy?s The Division?

A multitude of The Division Reddit threads regarding the uPlay problems have been put up by the players either trying to find a workaround the issue or voice their disappointment on public boards. There are a few threads that show the PC and PS4 versions of The Division servers have been hit by a server down. Brief mentions of the Xbox One within the ?Romeo Server Crash? thread may mean that they aren?t exempt from the uPlay problems.

The full release game reviews for The Division may come a little bit delayed due to the uPlay problems. Reviewers were asked by Ubisoft to start the same time as the regular players to experience the intended The Division experience. As an ?Only Online? game, the game cannot work itself without connecting to its servers. It does hamper the playtime of the players wanting to try it out on the first day, but we?ll have to wait it out.

Currently, The official Ubisoft and The Division twitter accounts aren?t announcing any updates towards the uPlay problems. Perhaps, they?ll discuss the issue after they?ve fixed the servers back to normal. As for now, it will be bad for Ubisoft to take their time in addressing this issue as seen on the current activity on the reddit threads. Leaving their fans in the dark isn?t always a good choice, so let?s hope that Ubisoft announces the fixes soon or they don?t need to face criticisms especially in game reviews.

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