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Ubisoft?s third-person shooter The Division launched on March 8th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The reviews, albeit a bit late because of the online nature of the game, have finally started pouring in.

It is good news for Ubisoft as most critics have been impressed by the game. Most critics have given the game a highly positive rating, with Gamespy giving it a 5/5 in their review.

Gamespy ? 5/5

GameSpot ? 8/10

Metro GameCentral ? 7/10

Daily Star ? 4/5

The Examiner ? 5/5

Cheat Code Central ? 4.6/5

IGN Italia ? 9/10

JeuxActu ? 17/20

The Jimquisition ? 6.5/10

Eurogamer Italy ? 9/10

Xbox Achievements ? 80/100

Hardcore Gamer ? 4/5

Ars Technica ? no score

PC Games N ? 8/10

Giant Bomb ? 4/5

US Gamer ? 4.5/5

PlayStation Lifestyle ? 8.5/10

Nearly all the reviews talk about the game?s solid customization, shooting mechanics and overall atmosphere. However, the critics have not been kind to Destiny comparisons with The Division.

Gamespot has called the game, ?The Division, an online, loot-driven RPG cleverly disguised as a third-person shooter, set in the grim aftermath of a biological attack on New York City. Maybe that?s the only aspect of The Division that is somehow similar to Bungie?s first-person shooter Destiny. Both the games are loot-driven adventures, but The Division?s gameplay and atmosphere is what sets it apart.?

Digital Spy chimed in the debate and made any doubts about the two games very clear. ?For those of you – ourselves included – who found it easy to compare The Division to a certain space shooter from Bungie, you should stop right now. The two games might share similar DNA in that they’re persistent online multiplayer games with hub-type areas, but we’re going to be playing The Division for a lot longer than the hundreds of hours we’ve sunk into Destiny.?

Seems like Ubisoft has hit gold with The Division; the shooter has broken the first week sales record of Destiny with 330m sales on launch. The Division is available to buy right now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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