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The Division Review Roundup: An Ambitious But Average Game?

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After several delays, The Division is finally here. Ubisoft?s open-world online shooter has been one of the gaming world?s most talked about titles since its reveal almost three years ago. The game suffered from some network issues on launch day, but now that the servers have stabilized, players and critics alike have had the chance to properly experience the game and share their thoughts.

So what?s the verdict? Does The Division live up to its promise back in E3 2013, or was all the hype for nothing? Let?s take a look at some of the early feedback. Keep in mind that Ubisoft did not make the game available for press in advance, so most of these reviews of The Division are simply early impressions.

In his time with the game so far, Forbes? Erik Kain called The Division a ?mixed-bag.? In his The Division review, he heaped praises on the game?s impressive visuals and polished gameplay, but he wasn?t so keen on the hit-and-miss AI and grindy, MMO-style leveling and progression. He admits that what he?s experienced so far has been fun but says, ?I?m going to keep playing, but my enthusiasm is a little less than it should be at this point.?

Much has been said of The Division?s straddling of the RPG and shooter genres. IGN?s Vince Ingenito wished that the game featured more encounters with your fellow agents. ?I?ve never stopped to help a fellow agent in trouble because I?ve never seen one, nor have I passed one on the way out of the big base of operations from which the Division supposedly stages ops.? He also said that more random events out in the world would help The Division?s vision of a post-apocalyptic New York feel more immersive.

The Division reviews also pointed out that the game at present is riddled with the usual assortment of launch day bugs and glitches. ?Minor bugs get in the way, which is perhaps to be expected with a game so large and complex. My agent occasionally ends up silhouetted on the appearance screen, which is annoying, and the matchmaking needs tightening,? wrote God is a Geek?s Mick Fraser.

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