The Division Review Bombs: Does Beta Impressions Count?

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The Division Review Bombs

Tom Clancy?s The Division already has an early review out from BBC News about the game, beating other regular gaming sites to the punch. However, BBC missed the memo from Ubisoft that the reviewers should at least wait for the full release servers to review the game with the right materials and experience of The Division.

BBC News used The Division Beta footage and recent trailers for the whole review. As the full game is entirely different in terms of content and length from Open Beta, it?ll be inaccurate due to the lack of content from the full release.

Some of the story details discussed in The Division review were factual to game?s story; however, it didn?t provide anything conclusive as an early review especially when the game had an Open Beta accessible to all. Basic information is all that the BBC video review can offer the player and none of the new content in the retail version.

Last week, Ubisoft has announced that the reviewers won?t be granted early access to The Division?s release as to correctly measure experience for the reviewers. Since The Division is meant to be a multiplayer game, reviewers would be left around with inaccurate Dark Zone and Co-op experience due to the the lack of player sample size. Additionally, this would hamper the unpredictability factor for the Dark Zone and ruin the matchmaking speed and quality in missions.

For now, it might be best to just wait for a few hours after release to get a better review. Keep an eye on The Division Metacritic pages on Xbox One, PC, and PS4 to keep tabs on the reviews. Conveniently, Metacritic can act as an unofficial countdown timer for The Division?s release to know when to keep your console or hardware warm for the game.

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