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The Division PTS: How To Download The PTS Faster

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The Division 1.4 Update

Ubisoft recently opened up the Public Test Server or PTS for The Division. This special server will allow players to test out an upcoming patch before its official release on all platforms. This in turn allows Ubisoft to sort out any issues within the patch. However, downloading The Division PTS could take a while. Thanks to one player, the PTS can now be downloaded very quickly, saving players a couple of hours in the process.

Redditor rfc3849 recently shared his trick for quickly downloading The Division PTS. The process is a bit intricate as it requires the player to tinker with existing game files, and doing it wrong could potentially harm the PTS and possibly the game itself. Players should do the following steps, according to the Redditor.

  1. Make a copy of your current installation to a new directory. In my case I copied everything from e:\Ubisoft\”Tom Clancy’s The Division” to a new directory called e:\Ubisoft\”Tom Clancy’s The Division PTS”. Make sure you use the name “Tom Clancy’s The Division PTS” (without the quotation of course) for the new directory.
  2. In UPlay click the “Download” button on the PTS Page
  3. Select the directory where the new folder is as installation target. DO NOT SELECT THE NEW FOLDER. So in my case I told Uplay to install to e:\Ubisoft.
  4. Uplay should find the installation you copied to the new dir and starts “discovering files” instead of downloading everything again

The Division PTS requires a whopping 36.5 GB of memory to download. If the method above is done correctly, the download will jump from 0 to 31 out of 36.5 GB. Once the download hits at around 34 GB, players can already get their hands on the PTS. This could save players a lot of time in downloading the PTS.

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