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The Division Phoenix Credits: Where To Spend Your Currency

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In Tom Clancy?s The Division, there are three currencies players should collect. First and easiest to collect is Credits, which can be used for a lot of things. Next is the Dark Zone credits which can be used to purchase neat weapons from Dark Zone vendors. The last and probably most valuable is the Phoenix credits.

Phoenix credits are what will make your character strong in the latter parts of The Division. The video seen below by Arrekz Gaming states that vendors who take The Division Phoenix credits for payment sell end-game items. From these vendors, players can buy weapons that are at least level 30.

Getting Phoenix credits in The Division is no easy task, but there are several ways to do so. One is by completing the daily challenges marked on the Manhattan map. Agents could also choose to complete missions that have the Challenge difficulty setting. This setting will be home to powerful enemies, so players should be careful when doing this. The last and probably the easiest way is through Ubisoft Club via Uplay points. Players could simply trade their accrued Uplay points for Phoenix credits.

Getting Uplay points is fairly easy. In fact, gamers who are fans of Ubisoft’s titles like Far Cry and Assassin?s Creed may already have a ton of Uplay points. They will need to accomplish simple tasks to get Uplay points. On the other hand, they could also use their Uplay points for in-game items like gear, while a few Dark Zone keys and Crafting Materials can be acquired for free.

To spend the currency, there are a couple of places players could go to. One is in the base of operations, near the recalibration station of the Tech Wing, which is not hard to miss. The vendor there will sell some good gear, so it’s worth visiting especially if you have The Division Phoenix Credits to spare. The other area is within Dark Zone 06, in a Safe House. The items here differ from those sold by the vendor in the Tech Wing, and they?re worth the trouble of going to the Dark Zone too.

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