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The Division Online Only Experience Is Frustrating

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Tom Clancy's The Division Open Beta Coming on February 16

It?s been a rough launch day for The Division so far. Ubisoft?s highly anticipated online shooter has been beset by server issues and glitches in the 24 hours since its launch. Soon after release, many irate gamers took to social media to voice their frustration at being unable to login to the game?s servers. The Division requires an internet connection at all times; so any sort of server issue renders the whole game unplayable. As of 2:00 AM EST, Ubisoft has confirmed that all services have returned to normal and players should be able to login as usual.

The Division Launch Marred By Problems

Regardless, this is still extremely disappointing when you take into account the fact that the game had two beta tests; both of which were prolonged due to strong player demand. You?d think that this experience would prompt Ubisoft to ensure that their network backbone was strong at launch, but it appears that the volume of gamers trying to play the game surprised even them.

Prior to launch, in an interview with ShackNews, The Division producer Tony Sturzel said, ?as far as our infrastructure goes, we?ve been really, really pleased with the opportunity to test the servers and stress test the infrastructure, and it?s shown that we?re ready for launch in a couple of weeks.?

Once inside the game, a whole new host of problems opens up. Many players have reported that the simple act of standing in the doorway of the game?s opening safe house can impede other players? progress. Kotaku has a detailed breakdown of the problem.

Other players have also reported problems with claiming pre-order bonuses and rewards. Once again, Ubisoft has assured them that the issue is being worked on.

Have you run into any problems during The Division Day 1? Let us know in the comments below.


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