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The Division Modding Guide

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Once players have enough Credits for their agent in The Division, it’s time to move on to the next integral part in their success in the game: crafting and modding equipment. This guide will teach players the basics of having their own custom weapon in mid-crisis Manhattan, just in case they don’t rely on drops and chests.

Similar to Fallout 4, the weapons in The Division can be modded in a lot of ways, depending on what the players want. Those who prefer a stealthy approach could add silencers to muzzles, while those who want to go guns blazing could attach extended mags for more shots in one reload. To begin modding, players will need to open their character layout menu then move on to the weapon layout screen.

From here, players will see all the weapons that could be modded. Highlighting one gun will reveal several slots that correspond to the moddable part. This could be the muzzle, the scope, handle and others. The player could simply choose which mod to place for the appropriate part.

Modding will do wonders for The Division agent as it will allow him to create weapons that will suit their style. With several weapons and a ton of mods to choose from, the possibilities are plenty. It’s a bit confusing at first, so it’s best to practice early on in the game so that the latter part of the journey will be a breeze. It’s also recommended to first check which playstyle is appropriate for the modded weapon as doing it isn’t free and materials don’t come for free.

For starters, the basic necessities of the weapons include decreasing the recoil of shotguns to maximize each shot. Assault rifles could be given mags with more capacity, but weapon stability is recommended for weapons with high rates fire in The Division.

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