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The Division Major Update: All Problems And Solutions Listed By Players

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The Division Major Update

Ubisoft is working on a major The Division update, and fans have come together to help the developers fix the issues in the game. The Division needs multiple changes and improvements to get things in better state. The game has been plagued with issues, but players have found many ways to solve the problems.

One of Ubisoft?s developers has said that the game needs big fixes, and the studio is ready to bring them. From in-game mechanics to improvements in the open world environment, players need major changes in the game that will eventually help them and the developers as well.

On a Reddit thread, fans suggested that Ubisoft should make the Aggro mechanic relevant so that players won?t have to build high armor. The roles of Tank, DPS, and healers should also be strictly defined. Fans also need changes in the fight mechanics. Ubisoft can do this by adding realistic boss fights and refining and tuning the mechanics to improve such aspect in the game.

Other suggestions include addition of matchmaking playlists for random missions. Along with these changes, players also demand for new cosmetic items. Ubisoft could also add high-quality expensive weapons, and there should be currency incentives for each type of currency. PvP in the Dark Zone could also be modified by adding competitive PvP modes.

The game also demanded a bigger inventory stash. Fans suggest for Ubisoft to consider these things when The Division major update launches.

Introducing a solo gameplay feature for those who wish to explore alone is also a good idea and will likely engage more players. The weapons can also be role-specific. Currently, the game doesn?t have a feature which restricts the use of any weapon to a specific role.

Moreover, there has always been an issue between PC and console players. Fans ask Ubisoft to create a balance among all roles by altering the capabilities of each.

Ubisoft has faced a lot of criticisms for its game, but the company has now admitted the problems, saying that they themselves are not happy with the game?s current state. There are big chances that the gameplay will be improved with The Division major update, as a new DLC pack is also coming this year.

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