The Division Level Up Guide: Hoaxes On Getting Exp Fast

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The Division Level Up Guide

Tom Clancy?s The Division is closing its few hours until its official release date. Unlike The Division Open Beta, players will start on Level 1 instead of Level 4. Here are some tips to follow and hoaxes to avoid in climbing up the ladder to the maximum level.

Arekkz Gaming made a guide before where he said that earning experience points greatly differed in clearing Normal and Hard Difficulty missions in The Division. At around 1:20 to 1:30 of the video, he explains that players gain more experience when clearing a Hard Mode run of a mission. While the completion bonus stays the same for difficulties, the total experience earned in Hard mode is definitely more due to the miniscule exp boost per thug you kill in hard mode. Technically, Arekkz isn?t wrong but it?s just greatly misleading.

MarcoStyle confirms that players can only receive bonus experience points for missions during the first quest clearance. Grinding a certain mission will only be for the sake of loot or enjoyment, but not for experience grinding as players will only receive exp for killing foes. MarcoStyle also confirms that players must gather 4,023,750 experience points to hit the current level cap of 30. As provided by the numbers on MarcoStyle?s video, leveling up in The Division might be fast by just clearing every mission and every difficulty you can complete.

As for EXP gain optimization items, it will be smart to invest the first Base of Operations Security Upgrade that unlocks the ?Experienced Agent? perk which amps any form of experience gain by 10% and the weapon mods that reward more exp on headshot kills and other conditions.

We can enjoy crafting theories and preparing ourselves to climb the levels fast. However, Ubisoft still has control of The Division through gameplay patches so it?s currently unknown if we?ll see these things stay throughout the game?s lifetime. Stay tuned for more The Division news here on TheBitBag.

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