The Division: How To Level Up Fast

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Disregarding the Dark Zone levels, The Division?s maximum level cap for a character is Level 30. Reaching max level will be a breeze as long you follow our tips and allot sufficient time in the game.

Complete every mission once on Normal and Hard difficulty

This advice is straightforward and basic, so get to doing missions once your character can take them on. We?re aiming for the large experience rewards waiting at the end of missions here. Usually, they?re enough to fill a significant amount of experience points until you level up, though you can avail these bonuses once per difficulty on one mission. If it falls short, there are side encounters that doesn?t only give large experience points but also allows you to upgrade your Base of Operations for a more comfortable leveling journey. Just keep doing these and you?ll climb levels in no time.

Bring friends via matchmaking

Having allies in missions increases the experience gained per enemy killed. It also makes the climb less mundane as you have extra hands in dealing with crowds of enemies. The potential skill synergy and teamwork is also handy in not getting the instant checkpoint restart if you get incapacitated alone.

Save exploring for later

Stay focused on farming for experience points. While collectibles do grant a little more experience, it?s wise to spend more time on The Division missions and side encounters because of their large experience bonuses rather than searching for hours for small collectibles, which is like looking for needles in a haystack. Just explore once you?ve called it a day for your experience grinding but not for your itch to explore so you won?t burn yourself out.

Be mindful of your stats and build

While it?s much more comfortable to just wear everything new you find, it might hamper and confuse you in the long run. Looted weapons and equipment usually has randomized stat bonuses, so wearing everything you pick up may spike your stats in different aspects. Too much mismatched gear may result in your character?s unexpectedly low damage output or unusually low health.

Know which items increase and synergize with your gun damage, health and skill damage. You?ll need consistent damage output and reliable character durability to smoothly level up in The Division.

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