The Division Level Cap Reached In Less Than 20 Hours

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The Division Level Cap

Just almost one day after Tom Clancy?s The Division was released, somebody has already reached the maximum level of the game in the PC version. Reddit User nikulasu and other players discussed their game experience so far in The Division Reddit.

Nikulasu defended his 15-hour achievement with some image evidence that he has indeed reached level 30 and even included his gear and his first High-End equipment. As far as level 30 experience grinding went through, nikulasu gave out tips along with his experience.

Grinding towards Level 30 is possible even with just a single friend around as confirmed by nikulasu?s quote: ?I did not get every single collectible. I played most missions on Hard except the last two or three ones. I leveled with a friend up to 24 and then I continued alone. :)?. This confirms that he was driven towards getting to Level 30 and didn?t spend much time on going for collectibles due to the constrained 15-hour playtime.

Challenge missions also aren?t needed as they cannot be done solo and the missions which can be done in either Normal and Hard are enough according to nikulasu. He even said they got ?one-shotted? by an elite in the challenge mode so that might not be optimal for players who want rush their characters to the level cap.

As for regular players, you don?t have to go the extra mile and attempt a 15-hour race to the level cap. Nikulasu?s thread may just be enough to inform us that just doing the missions on two difficulties might enough to get you through the levels. It?s going to be a lesser grind unlike most online mmos due to only repeating missions twice then moving on to the next one. ?Players may even have the adequate gear to keep them going due to the mission rewards. Stay updated with The Division news here on TheBitBag.

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