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The Division Let It Snow And Parade Pack DLC: Is The Content Pack Worth Buying?

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The Division Let It Snow And Parade Pack

Ubisoft Massive is looking to bring the festive season into The Division in more ways than one. The developer recently released a new DLC pack for the MMO and it includes a few items that will give the game a Christmas feel to it. Is The Division Let It Snow and Parade Pack DLC worth getting? Or should players just pass on purchasing the DLCs?

The Division Let It Snow DLC features a few Christmas-themed items for The Division agents to have. Each DLC costs around ?5.99/?5.99/$6.99, and players might be undecided on whether or not they should get the DLCs. The content for the two DLC packs are as follows:

Let It Snow

  • Holiday Sweater No?l
  • Holiday Sweater Yuletide
  • Claus weapon skin
  • Ginger weapon skin
  • Lusekofte weapon skin
  • No?l weapon skin
  • Snowdrop weapon skin

Parade Pack

  • Police Parade Set
  • FNYC Parade Set
  • Gemstone Amethyst Weapon Skin
  • Glitch Barrium Weapon Skin
  • Safari Monteverde Weapon Skin

We?ve yet to know whether or not Ubisoft will make the DLCs obtainable in the game without purchasing the DLCs. However, it?s very likely that the items are made exclusively for the content pack, and the only way of getting them is by buying The Division Let It Snow and Parade Pack with real-life money. Those with a few extra money to spend should pretty much get the DLC packs if they want the exclusive items, though these items mostly are for cosmetic purposes. Also, it’s worth noting that purchasing both?content packs costs the same as the major expansions.

Since it is the season of giving, Ubisoft is offering players other ways of spending their money, aside from purchasing the DLC packs. For The Division players, the Season Pass for the game is currently on sale at the Ubisoft Store. The price cut for the Season Pass is a whopping 50% discount.

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