The Division: How to Kill Elite Snipers Easily

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Elite Sniper enemies in The Division are infamous for heavily wounding or incapacitating players with just one shot. Fortunately, Reddit user _DrFeltersnatch has posted a tip on how to dispatch these enemies easily on The Division Reddit.

Most of these Elite Sniper enemies can be found snooping around in Dark Zone spots or in the latter parts of The Division missions. Technically, it?s better to not face these Elite Snipers in a shootout but suppress them with constant fire toward their cover or direction. The Division has a ?Suppressed? debuff for AI enemies that will make them stop returning fire for a while. In this short window of time, players must proceed to flank the suppressed snipers as they?ll go for weaker retaliation choices while they are ?Supressed.?

When you are near enough Elite Snipers, instead of them trying to snipe you down at a close distance, they?ll whip out a pistol and proceed on shooting the players. Pistol fire is definitely easier to manage. Players could either take the pistol hits and rush down the opponents with an automatic rifle or safely approach them with the Ballistic Shield skill. If there is no quick way to approach the snipers at the moment, it might be best to keep the enemies ?Suppressed? and force them out of their cover with grenades and other explosives.

The ?Suppression? debuff only works for AI enemies; this is a sign that they also get scared and relent due to heavy gunfire. Players do not receive this debuff and will have to decide for themselves if they want to focus on hunkering down behind their cover, return fire, or move to another cover in these situations. If you?re planning to get up close and personal with a sniper, be careful first before approaching him as you can get damaged by other thugs if you move carelessly. Watch out for more The Division player tips here on TheBitBag.

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