The Division ‘Kick’ Feature Removal Demanded By Fans

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Tom Clancy?s The Division has an in-game ?Party Kick? feature that players can use anytime in missions to swiftly boot out party members that are merely griefing, uncooperative, or freeloading in the team. However, the system has a gray area as newbies are getting booted out by other players who consider them incompetent; even regular players are kicked out by a party of griefers. What can Ubisoft do to protect this feature from more future fan uproar?

The Division Reddit thread by DeftonesL features players? grievances about the kick feature in lengthy and difficult missions. According to DeftonesLt, he wants to avoid getting suddenly kicked out in the latter parts of future missions. Naturally, getting abruptly cut off a mission after spending time and effort in it is frustrating for any player.

In the same thread, Reddit user Jackdivinity shared that he experienced being kicked out of his party due to inaccurate aiming of his Light Machine Gun. Jackdivinity explained that he has Tourette?s Syndrome and it affected his in-game aim, so he focused on Suppressing targets and healing teammates instead. However, he got kicked out because of his inaccuracy, but he received support on DeftonesL?s threads from other Xbox One The Division players.

The Kick system isn?t totally garbage and ineffective; it just has gray areas, so it needs more tweaking from Ubisoft. Players suggested other systems like AFK timers against unreasonably idle players and group voting for another player to help balance out the fairness in missions. These suggestions may work, but they also have gray areas, so Ubisoft needs to solve this ?Kick? system issue before it causes any more damage to The Division community.

The Division kicked off on March 8 last week, and free updates for the game will be available in the upcoming months. For now, we?ll have to wait if Ubisoft comes up with tweaks to the Party Kick system anytime soon.

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