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The Division Issues: Latest Nvidia Driver Encounters Glitch When Playing The Game?

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Some users are having problems with their Nvidia cards on The Division.

There are reports that some players are having issues running Ubisoft?s The Division on their Nvidia graphic cards after updating to the latest driver. According to GameSpot, this was according to complaints on the Nvidia Geforce forums in regards to the version 364.51 release. The latest release was intended to improve performance for The Division as well as provide some fixes from the previous version.

However, as some users have stated, they are experiencing some technical issues on their graphic cards. Some of these include frame rate drops, inconsistent refresh rates, and the occasional freezing and game crashing. Previously, there were issues for The Division in Nvidia Graphics version 364.47 during its launch day, where the supposed 364.51 driver was meant to resolve the critical issue for the game. Unfortunately, it seemed to have some unresolved problems that are causing some issues to other users.

Some are suggesting that users download and use the display driver uninstaller to revert the driver to its older state and download to version 362.00, which is reported to be the more stable version for the game. Ubisoft also has a graphical settings guide where users can tweak the settings on the graphics to make the game more stable. For more details on which settings are to be adjusted, you may refer to this guide. Following the guide will lead you into tweaking around 25 separate fields, from texture quality, shadow quality, anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering and more. As of now there are no reports from Nvidia for any new driver update to fix the issues on The Division, as the most feasible option is to follow the guides provided above and continue with the game until a more stable driver version will become available.

The Division is already available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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