The Division: How To Increase Filter Level For Contaminated Areas

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Not every area in The Division is accessible from the get go as players will need a specific filter level to survive in contaminated areas. Contaminated areas or Quarantine Zones can be seen all throughout Manhattan but they are commonly seen in the Dark Zone.

The filters serve as protection from the contaminated areas, and it will allow players to access the highly contaminated areas which more often than not contain some awesome loot. To explore the contaminated areas, players could simply increase their filter level, and here?s how to do it.

First off, players will need to get ahead in the story. They should progress the story up until the Medical Wing is unlocked at the Base of Operations. There?s no need to worry though as this is mainly in the opening moments of the game.

Once the Med Wing is unlocked, players should focus on getting the following upgrades: Pharmacy, Virus Lab and Hazmat Suit. Players will first need to stock up on Med Wing Supplies as these upgrades don?t come for free. The Pharmacy upgrade will cost 200 Med Wing Supplies, The Virus Lab will cost 500, while the Hazmat Suit will cost 400. The Virus Lab Upgrade is required before you can get the Hazmat Suit.

Getting Med Wing Supplies is easy. Players just need to scour the Manhattan map in The Division for any encounters that are for the Med Wing. Encounters with the green symbol reward players with Med Wing Supplies.

For bigger Med Wing Supplies, players could also progress the story missions and look out for any encounters for the Med Wing as well. Just be careful in progressing the story as the difficulty curve could spike with each mission in The Division, so it?s best to take a friend or two with you.

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