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The Division Dark Zone: Improvements The PvP Area Should Have

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One of the integral parts in The Division’s core features is the infamous Dark Zone. The area only accessible by premium players is filled with some of the best loot, toughest enemies and most memorable moments in the game. However, the feature has its share of criticisms.

Redditor VSParagon recently opened up a thread on what fans think about the Dark Zone. It’s not just any fan-made Reddit thread as it was developer Massive that requested for the thread to be built. That being said, fans should expect a few improvements on the Dark Zone, based on their comments. Here are some of what VSParagon thinks is the way to improve the Dark Zone and endgame content.

No More Phoenix Credits

There are two vendors who take Phoenix Credits as a currency. One is in the Base of Operations and is locked behind the level 30 cap. The other vendor is at the Dark Zone and is accessible only when the Dark Zone Rank is 50. What’s weird is that both vendors sell basically the same high-end items, so getting the one at the Base of Operations is much more practical. Instead of another Phoenix Vendor at the Dark Zone, Massive should?

Add Another Vendor That Accepts Tons Of Dark Zone Credits

It’ll actually be nicer if Massive replaced the Phoenix Credits vendor at the Dark Zone in The Division with one that sells large amounts of Dark Zone Credits for really high-end gear. What this could do is make Dark Zone Credits much more valuable as players can farm it instead of Phoenix Credits.

Revamped Rogue System

The current rogue system in the Dark Zone is a little flawed. Players risk a lot for going rogue, for the sake of loot that might not even be of value to them. It’s more practical to just grind a little than risk a lot of exp and loot by going rogue, which as we all know is a state that’s hard to survive in as players are easily flocked with surrounding agents. Basically, the system has become obsolete instead of a thrilling system.

The Dark Zone in The Division could use a lot more work, and these are just some of the changes that Massive needs to implement. We can only hope that Massive updates the potentially enthralling Dark Zone soon.

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