The Division is A Huge Commercial Success For Ubisoft, Becomes their Fastest Selling Game in History

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If you were wondering if The Division is the only game your friends talk about now, you now have stats to back it up. Ubisoft?s shooter has gone on to break all previous records and has become the developer?s fastest selling game in history in the first 24 hours, according to a blog post by Ubisoft.

The RPG also set records for digital full game sales on a single day across the PS4, Xbox One and the PC. This is another monumental achievement for Ubisoft, as the French developer now holds the record for three of the top four most successful new franchise launches in the gaming industry.

Ubisoft?s Co-founder and current CEO, Yves Guillemot, commented on the achievement. ?The launch of The Division is a tremendous achievement for Ubisoft, and demonstrates our unrivaled capacity to create fantastic new game brands and transform them into entertainment blockbusters,? he continued. ?This is a momentous day for Ubisoft, but more importantly it marks the start of millions of players? enduring engagement in The Division?s game world, which we are confident they will love.?

However, successfully selling a record-breaking amount on launch day might not be the best indicator of the game?s quality today. Consider the case of Ubisoft?s game Watchdogs that was launched 2 years ago. The game broke day-one sales record on launch but dramatically failed to meet expectations. The game soon fizzled out and the hype around it collapsed. Ubisoft, which is in dire need of more investment, must be hoping that history doesn?t repeat itself and the game impresses both critics and fans.

The Division is set in modern, pandemic-hit Manhattan. The players are supposed to scour the streets and complete missions, gather loot and help the agency regain control of the ravaged city.

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The Division launched on March 8th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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