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The Division Guide For Status Effects: Why Grenades And Turret Mods Are Useful

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The Division had a very brief introductory phase with the Chelsea area during the early parts of the game. The chapter detailed a lot of the mechanics that make up Ubisoft?s RPG/shooter hybrid, but it left out some valuable information that players need to know. Among them are the game?s several status effects that affect both the players? and the AI enemies alike. Below is our The Division guide on the game?s status effects and the grenades that cause them.


This status effect commonly takes place when a nearby EMP Grenade explodes. When Disrupted, the affected unit will not be able to use any active skill.


Commonly initiated with Flashbang Grenades, this status effect will impair the vision and hearing of affected units.


Like the Blind-Deaf status effect, this will impair the hearing and vision of the affected unit. Additionally, it will also cause the unit to have a hard time aiming as the stability of weapons will be greatly affected. Grenadiers from the early parts of the game commonly carry Tear Gas Grenades that cause this status effect.


Basically, being On Fire causes the player to lose health gradually. Incendiary Grenades and Cleaners with Flamethrowers can cause this status effect easily. Although the damage dealt by this effect is rather small, it?ll be a lot more significant on top of other damage caused by the enemy in The Division.


Caused by Shock Grenades, this status effect will temporarily stop all movement from the affected unit. It will also cause a small amount of damage. If caught with this effect while caught in the line of fire, things could get pretty dangerous.


This bloody status effect is caused by Fragmentation Grenades. Like the Burn status effect, it will cause damage over time, but it will also prevent natural health regeneration.

Turret Mods

Having turrets is a must is a must have if you?re playing solo because not only do they distract the attention of enemies, they can also inflict status effects. There are two turret mods that inflict the Burn and Shocked status. The Dragonbreath mod will allow the turret to shoot columns of fire. While the Zapper mod makes the turret have electrical darts. Watch out for more The Division guides here on TheBitbag.

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