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The Division Guide: How To Make The Most Of Dark Zone Runs

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Tom Clancy?s The Division offer players a big challenge with the dreaded Dark Zone. The area accessible only by select members is home to the hardest of what Manhattan has to offer in terms of enemies as well as dangers from Division agents who have gone rogue. Going in the Dark Zone is a big risk in itself, so here are a few tips on making each run worth it.

Travel Light

Although the Dark Zone is riddled with dangers from left to right, it also offers the opportunity of getting amazing gear and equipment. It?s not really wise to go in with a ton of items stored inside your Dark Zone inventory. Another unwise thing to do is to pick up every piece of loot you see. The drops are indeed amazing finds, but some are worth more than others, so be sure to compare the drops to each other before picking them up so that your inventory?s potential will be maximized.

Travel With Trusted Friends

In the Dark Zone in The Division, travelling with others is recommended as the enemies are strong even if the player is at high levels. Don?t go into groups with just anyone right off the bat as the guys you?re with could potentially be rogues. Travel with your trusted buddies and make an agreement to not turn your backs on each other even if the loot is great.

Pick Off Enemies One By One

Unlike the usual enemies found in Manhattan, those in the Dark Zone are really tough. Players might have a hard time taking care of one enemy, let alone a big group. Before going all out with guns blazing in The Division, look around the area first to check how many enemies are in there exactly. This would make you ready for any situation, and it will also prepare you for the dangers of any hidden snipers that could take out a huge chunk of your health.

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