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The Division Guide: How To Kill The Most Annoying Enemies (Part I)

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The Division isn?t your typical cover shooter that forces players to shoot down wave after wave of spawning enemies. In fact, there are several types of enemies all over Manhattan. If you?re not careful enough, you can easily get overwhelmed without a proper tactic. Here are some of the best ways to take care of and spot The Division?s most annoying enemies.

Grenadier ? Grenade Beside Name

These guys don?t pack a mean punch, but they do pack a lot of grenades that can jumble up your plan of attack. The most annoying type of grenadiers are those from the Rioters. These guys carry a grenade that can make you disoriented. If successful, the grenade will greatly affect the stability and weapon aim of players. If the player does get targeted by a grenadier, he?ll have to leave the grenade?s area of effect to avoid getting hit, so it?s advised to kill him first.

Before initiating combat, it?s better to locate the grenadier first then take him out with a grenade of your own. If grenadiers appear mid-combat, take cover and wait for him to stand up to throw a grenade. If the opportunity presents itself, unload bullets on him.

Runners ? Voltage Beside Name

Rushers are the melee specialists of The Division?s enemies; they hit hard and stagger the player. It?s very easy to kill them as they tend to rush toward the player in a straight line. There are also some that carry shields. For these guys, use weapons with a high rate of fire like SMGs to destroy the shield and the one behind it easily. Some Runners from the Rikers and the Last Man Battalion even carry shotguns, so be careful not to get caught off guard by them.

Snipers ?Crosshair Beside Name

These guys hit hard, especially if you?re not mobile. Scout an area before attacking to look for Snipers, then take them out first as they could take off chunks of your health with each successful hit. If you happen to miss one during scouting and he begins to attack you, lob a grenade or two to take him out without having to get out of cover for a long time. You can also opt to approach snipers for a quick and easy kill.

Stay tuned for part of 2 of The Division guide.

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