The Division Guide: High DPS Build To Survive 1 Vs 6 Encounters

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One of the more important stats in Tom Clancy?s The Division is the DPS. Basically, DPS measures how much damage a player can do. With the game being a shooter, having a high DPS value is of utmost importance among other stats. One player has discovered a neat way to take on groups of enemies using a high-DPS character. Here?s The Division guide for high DPS build.

Redditor mtashed recently detailed in a few steps how to survive an otherwise deadly 1 vs 6 PVE and even PVP encounter. Every Division agent knows how deadly being outnumbered can be, so this guide is a must-read for players who often find themselves in tight spots.

First off, when it comes to weapon of choice, SMGs are more recommended over other weapon types. With their high stability and critical rate, SMGs are some of the top weapons when it comes to DPS. It?s not necessary to use SMGs, as other weapons can do as well.

As far as modding is concerned, magazine mods are essential as they add a lot more to DPS count. As for the scope, a mod with high headshot damage is needed. For the rest of the mods, it?s recommended to focus on critical damage.

For the gear, players need high-grade gloves as these could add a lot of bonus damage to weapons. For other armor pieces, it?s once again recommended to have any equipment that increases critical hit chance and damage.

For skills, it?s good to have Heal with the Booster Shot mod. This will make your damage a lot stronger and your defense a lot sturdier as well. The other skill should be Pulse with Tactical Scanner mod so the player can see enemies and have critical bonus again.

As for talents, On The Move, Steady Hands, Precision and One Is None are recommended as they will help out the player in dispatching enemies.

With the prerequisites above in check, players will have a high-damaging character that can also absorb a lot of incoming damage. Stay tuned for more The Division guides here on TheBitbag.


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