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The Division Guide: Get High-End Equipment Quickly

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Getting a good start in The Division can help out the player in several ways during the latter parts of his stint as a Division agent. Ultimately, the goal for players who are nearing the end-game is to have the best weapons and gear so that no other enemy can stand in their way. Luckily, one player has discovered a quick way to get high-end gear.

Redditor _Az recently detailed a step-by-step process in getting high-end equipment in the quickest way possible. First off, players will need to get the Vector 45 ACP. The weapon is craftable and the blue print can be bought for 200 Phoenix Credits from the advanced vendor at the Tech Wing. This is not necessary in the process, but it will help out the player in the hard mission ahead. Be sure to stock up on the necessary crafting materials.

The next step is knowing the mission at hand. The recommended mission for farming high-end equipment in The Division is at the Lexington Event Center. At the Challenging difficulty, the mission is perhaps the easiest to do as there are a lot of areas to easily dispatch enemies on. To make things easier, it?ll be better if the player does a few test runs on the mission at a lower difficulty setting to get a feel of the best areas to cover in during the Challenging difficulty run.

Once you?re familiar with the mission, it?s time to choose a squad to bring. It?s recommended to bring a party of four, but completing the mission as a pair could be possible as well. It?s also easier if each member of the team is at level 30 so that everyone can play a pivotal role during the playthrough.

When it comes to the mission itself, be forewarned that the enemies are really tough, and The Division players are advised to plan moves accordingly instead of rushing through it. With each successful run on the mission, players will bag at least 20k Credits, 30 Phoenix Credits and one guaranteed high-end equipment.

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