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The Division Guide: Best Ways To Earn Money

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Guns, ammo and other items and equipment make up the success of an agent in The Division. However, these things don’t come cheap, and money is needed in almost any transaction. In The Division, the currency is Credit. Getting Credit is easy, but getting a lot of it requires time and effort. Below are some of the best ways to earn Credits in Manhattan.

Loot is Everywhere

From the get-go, players can get a lot of loot from the streets, enemies and chests. Most of the loot are useless as the player?s level progresses. When the loot becomes obsolete, players are left with two choices: scrap it for Crafting Materials or sell it for Credit. Although the former is better, selling loot could be a last resort when agents are really short on cash.

To get the best out of loot runs, having a ton of inventory space is necessary. Having a lot of weapons in the inventory is not necessary, so it’s advised to keep the best ones at bay.

It’s also good to get loot out of the Dark Zone as they sell high. Look out for equipment that’s not your style, then sell it off for a lot of credits. Also remember to maximize Dark Zone runs before leaving, as several trips to the area leave more room for error.

Side Activities Get You Cash

Aside from the main story quests in The Division, Manhattan is riddled with a ton of side activities. Aside from blueprints and other rewards, it also gives players Credits. What’s good is that these activities also give players exp, so they get Credit and level up at the same time.

Spend Money Wisely

Being a good spender is of course also advised. It’s not good to become an impulse buyer as some of the equipment sold by vendors in The Division are inferior to those dropped by enemies. Only buy an equipment when it’s really powerful and when it’s sure to get you through several levels.

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